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Featured Students Newsletter -  Indigenous Activism, Ways of Life and the Future.

This section features selected newsletters from 3rd year UON Bachelor of Social Science students as part of their core course SOCA3850 Indigenous Activism, Ways of Life and the Future.

To learn more about this topic you can read the following article by Hedda Haugen Askland, Randi Irwin, University of Newcastle, Australia and Michael Kilmister, Henley Business School, England. 

Justice-centred curriculum: Decolonising educational practices to create lateral learning spaces online. 

Indigenous people in the contemporary world 

by Natasha Veith

The Innu

Welcome to this week's edition of Indigenous People in the
contemporary world. Following the response from our previous edition of
the newsletter, we are beginning a regular feature article that allows our
readers to learn about issues that face Indigenous groups around the
world in contemporary society. This week's newsletter features the Innu
of Quebec and Labrador, an Indigenous group native to the northern
regions of Canada.

To view the full newsletter, please click here.

Contemporary Indigenous Stories 

by Sita Syahadatain

Hello there!

This is our newest newsletter series, which will help you to uncover stories from indigenous peoples all around the world. In this episode we will introduce you to the Awyu Tribe in Papua. Enjoy the ride! 

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

Indigenous people in the contemporary world 

by Ruby Johnson


Welcome back to my fellow activists fighting for a cause! This week we will still touch on the indigenous peoples of Myanmar, the Rohingya. However, in the last edition, we focused on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, this time we focus on the Rohingya crisis in the refugee camps of Bangladesh. Since our last edition, the Rohingya have sought refuge in Bangladesh after the attacks in their homeland, Myanmar. The Rohingya still face injustice in the camps, through violence and restrictions on
their travel, work, and education. Keep reading! This week’s newsletter will delve into these matters further and provide us with ways we can raise awareness and provide aid to the indigenous people of Myanmar.

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

Rage Against The Machine

by Elizabeth Sims-Easton

The latest on the Maasi Struggle.

For those who do not know the background to the Maasai, they are semi-nomadic herders who migrate between Kenya and Northern Tanzania
with primary livestock of cattle and goats. Their rich culture involves traditional dress called ormisinbiji along with distinctive beaded jewellery, sandals, hairstyles, music, and dancing. They live in huts within enclosed encampments called boma’s. They are at risk of becoming endangered due to the actions of the Tanzanian government.

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

Australian First Peoples Newsletter 

by Paul Rubie


To the debut of the Australian First People’s Newsletter , a publication that aims to bring awareness to issues faced by the many Indigenous groups that make up Australia. Each edition will shed light on a particular
Indigenous group by presenting a case study of the current issues affecting their survival in the contemporary world. This first edition focuses on the Guringai mob from NSW’s Central Coast whose traditional
lands have been annexed by peoples from neighbouring mobs operating under the banner of a misplaced land council in cahoots with the state government

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

Violence Against Aboriginal Australians  

by Lily Hopton

Hello fellow activists! 

Since the last release of the Violence Against Aboriginal Australian’s Newsletter the Australian Human Rights Commission has published a new report discussing the rate of deaths under police and prison custody. The new report has shown that there has been an INCREASE of 15 deaths since the last report from the 2019-2020 sector. (Human Rights
Commission, 2023). So, what does this mean for Aboriginal Australians? What can allies do to help?

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

Native Movement 

by Blair Simpson-Wise

Alaska's Indigenous Activisim. 

This issue of the Native Movement newsletter is packed with the latest news on U.S.A environmental and Indigenous activism. This issue will keep you up to date on everything you need to know about the legal proceedings on the Willow Project, climate protests in Manhattan, and insights from Iñupiaq locals on food security going forward.

To view the full newsletter, please click here. 

The Yanomami Children's Advocacy Bulletin  

by Holly Sugarman

Advocacy Bulletin. 

This issue welcomes readers and builds on new data released about the reality Covid-19 has had on Yanomami youth.

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